BTL-6000 Shortwave 400

State-of-art device for high-frequency heat therapy

Intuitive operation via the touch screen

Pre-set therapy protocols

Encyclopaedia with applicator placement images

Fully adjustable six jointed arms enable comfortable treatment from achillodynia to migraine

A wide range of applicators assures maximum therapeutic effects

  • Capacitive and inductive applicators
  • One channel capacitive field
  • One or two channels inductive field
  • Continuous and pulsed mode (thermal + a-thermal treatment)
  • Easy applicator swapping
  • Advance automatic tuning system and patient safety-switch ensure maximal power & safety
  • Power up to 400W for optimal application possibilities (200W continual)

Includes: unit with 5,7' color touch screen on trolley, power cord, pen pointer, user manual.

Set of basic accessories for inductive appliction for BTL-6000 Shortwave 200, 400 series, Includes: 6-joint holding arm (right), inductive applicator 140mm with cable Но. заказа: P6000.334v100
Set of basic accessories for capacitive application for BTL-600 Shortwave 400 series, Includes: 2x 6-joint holding arm, 2x capacitive applicator 130mm, 2x cable for capacitive applicatorНо. заказа: P6000.332v100
Set of capacitive soft-rubber plate applicators for BTL-6000 Shortwave 400 serie, Includes: 2x capacitive soft-rubber plate applicator 12x18cm with cable, 2x felt spacer and cloth bag for plate electrodes, set of fixation straps for plate applicators (4 pairs: long, middle-size, 2x short)Но. заказа: P6000.333v100
6-joint holding arm left for BTL-6000 Shortwave 200, 400 seriesНо. заказа: P6000.331v100
6-joint holding arm right for BTL-6000 Shortwave 200, 400 seriesНо. заказа: P6000.330v100
Neon check lightНо. заказа: P6000.335v100
Inductive applicator 80mm Но. заказа: P6000.320v100
Inductive applicator 140mmНо. заказа: P6000.321v100
Capacitive applicator 85mm Но. заказа: P6000.323v101
Capacitive applicator 130mmНо. заказа: P6000.324v101
Cable for capacitive applicatorНо. заказа: P6000.327v100
Capacitive soft-rubber plate applicator 12x18cm Но. заказа: P6000.325v100
Felt spacer for capacitive soft-rubber plate applicator 12 x18 cm, for BTL-6000 Shortwave 400 serie Но. заказа: P6000.328v100
Cloth bagНо. заказа: P6000.329v100

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